**The Most Popular Seasonal Rental Amenities**

Seasonal rental property managers need to be aware of the most searched amenities in order to best promote their rental.  To help our customers we have analyzed the click stream data provided by travelers and vacationers searching seasonal rentals by owner.  The demand analysis revealed the following amenities preferences.


 1.     Pool.  It’s not surprising that the pool is the number one most searched amenity when snowbirds are known for seeking warmer climates during the winter.  If your seasonal rental has a pool be sure to check that box even if it is a community pool shared by a condo association. Describing your rental’s amenities will help you book your rental.


2.     Hot tub.  Hot tubs are a hot commodity for vacation rentals especially for those in colder climates.  A hot tub can serve to extend the season in popular Myrtle Beach seasonal rentals.


 3.     Pet friendly.  This popular amenity may surprise you but adding this feature may help you book up to 20% more tenants.  Fluffy is part of the family and may be the reason they are looking to rent a house instead of a hotel in the first place.  If you choose to allow pets be sure to add clear pet policies to your rental agreement.  i.e. Pet size, exotic animal, and other pet restrictions.


 4.     TV.  In an age of rapidly advancing technology a TV is still a big draw.  We recommend indicating whether your rental offers cable or full satellite service.


 5.     Tennis courts.  Tennis is a great sport for seasonal rentals in warm climates.  If your rental does not have tennis consider listing the closest tennis clubs by proximity.


 6.     Internet.  Seasonal rentals are usually booked for periods longer than a month so staying connected will be high on your renter’s priorities.  Wireless wifi systems should be standard and your network should be easy to connect.  Give clear instructions now and your guests will make fewer interruptions later.  To make your transition more comfortable continue to our Moving Checklist for Snowbirds  article.


7.     Jacuzzi tub.  This popular amenity is often searched for in the search engines.


 8.     Pool table.  Pool tables are another attractive feature that work well in winter vacation rental destinations.  Your aim should be to book reliable renters that wish to return each year because repeat business is the best business.  Also, people are willing to pay premium prices for nice amenities.


 9.     Fire place.  Fire places are the focal point of seasonal rentals in colder regions.  In warmer climates outdoor fire places are an attractive feature.



10.   Porch.  Be sure to describe any outdoor entertainment area that you have because this is likely to help you with rental bookings.  Keywords like lanai, patio, and balcony are popular search criteria.

Air conditioning, washer and dryer, and telephone are also high on the list of searches.  Remember that when trying to book your rental you are trying to sell.  Sales can be defined as identifying the needs and wants of a customer and matching those with the features, advantages, and benefits of a product or service.  Now that you know what potential renters are looking for you can start listing rentals.  To continue learning useful tips on vacation rental management read our article on how to accept payments from seasonal renters.

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