**How to Advertise Rentals Using Free Press Releases**

Whether you have a seasonal rental, winter rental, summer rental, weekly vacation rental, or a long-term perpetual rental appearing on search engines is crucial to receiving ample inquiries.  Our marketing department continuously launches PR campaigns to be sure we rank well for keywords like “seasonal rentals”.  However, we receive new rental listings everyday and in order to optimize the renter traffic flowing to each vacation rental listing we are informing our members about search engine optimization and press release strategies that work to improve hits on your rental listing.

According to Wikipedia.com “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines.”  Since Google’s search algorithm favors websites with multiple inbound links we are informing our members on how to post an ad that will in many times rank on the first page of Google and will directly link to your rental listing.  To help our members drive traffic directly to their rental listing from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN we are partnering with www.prlog.org.  We recommend this press release service because it is free and it offers global distribution.

 If you would like assistance, our affiliate service www.seogainseeker.com offers press release writing and search marketing services that are effective for any industry.  To proceed with writing your own offsite press release advertisement please follow these steps.


1.     Using your MS word program write a 200-400 word press release describing your seasonal rental’s amenities and features.  You should mention your town and the word rental or seasonal rental several times in the advertisement.  This will help your ad pop up when renters are searching for rentals in your town.

2.     Without logging in to your snowbirdseeker account use the find a rental tool to find your listing.  Click on the view details screen and when you can see your rental’s webpage with the email contact form you are on the right page.

3.     Highlight the webpage address which can be found in the address bar.  The keyboard shortcut to go to your web address is (Alt+D).  When the address is highlighted press (Ctrl+C) to copy.

4.     Return to your word document and paste the URL web address after a sentence that invites them to visit your rental.  To paste simply place the cursor where you want the address to go and hit (Ctrl+V).  The copy and paste commands can also be found by using the right click menu.  The pasted address should look like the following https://www.snowbirdseeker.com/View-of-Ocean-Condo/P100301.  You’ll know it is the right address if your property title is within the URL.

5.     If you have a company website you may promote that as well by pasting its web address within the press release.

6.     Next register for a free account with www.prlog.org

7.     Last follow the instructions on prlog to submit a press release.  Copy and paste your word document into the body field for press release submission.


Finish all fields with a * indicating required fields.  Then click the go to final step button.  Check your press release for errors and when satisfied click submit.  You’re done.

The total project may take 1-2 hours to complete.  If confidence is the memory of having done a job exceedingly well we are confident the press release with link to your rental listing will be worth the effort.  However, if you would like our marketing service to help please visit http://www.seogainseeker.com/Press_release_writing.html

First time visitors, list your rental or visit our homepage to browse our available seasonal rentals.




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