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    **Moving Checklist for Snowbirds**

    Whether you are a Snowbird, seasonal traveler, or property manager it is important to have a moving checklist.  Preparing to move often times from the north into your vacation home can be challenging.  You have to ask what should I bring and or leave behind.  If you are moving into a seasonal rental or vacation rental home you can usually assume some level of furnishings.  However, it is a good idea to take a quick inventory of furniture in your present home so you may inquire about any missing furniture in your prospective new vacation home. Most seasonal rentals  owners will have furnishing and amenities lists for you to cross reference before your move. If you are the owner of the property renters will expect that you have lists of the furnishings and amenities. If you are the owner of the vacation rental make a list of furnishings and amenities categorized by their room location.  


    If there are any deficiencies in furniture quality or pieces you should make moving arrangements.  When the distance is great between your northern home and your seasonal rental for snowbirds it may be wiser to just purchase a second piece from a local furniture store.  If you decide that you want to ship your items plan far in advance to get the best prices on shipping and moving company rates.  Will you be flying south or are you going to drive? If flying south you may want to consider

    auto shipping because it’s safer than driving the distance yourself and you won’t add depreciating milage to your car. Renters particularly need to contact the rental manager or owner about their potential listing.  In season pricing is usually higher, so it’s important to find out specific details about the listing. How many beds and bedrooms? Are linens and blankets provided? What kind of appliances are present in the kitchen? And what about dishes and utensils.  Experienced seasonal rental managers will have this information readily available.  It’s also a good idea to check online reviews of past guests to get a feel for the guest experience.


    What are you going to need on your trip?

    Make a physical or mental list of the items that you are going to need when you arrive. Basic necessities including food, toiletries, and over the counter medicine are easy to get even in foreign countries.  You should pack prescription medications, clothes, and documents required for travel.  What makes you comfortable?  Bring items that will make you feel at home right away.  If you are a coffee drinker bring a coffee maker or if you like fishing you may want to pack that equipment.  Each moving checklist is unique to the individual seasonal traveler.  In this day and age staying connected is essential, so do some research on internet connectivity, cell phone reception, and find out if you’ll need an adapter for any of your plug in chargers.  Next. It’s a good idea to check the utilities to make sure they are on.  Many rental owners turn off water, water heaters, and electricity when unit is vacant.  Have the rental owner send over a maintenance person to turn on the water and light any pilot lights for gas water heaters. 




    Snowbirds need to not only be mindful of the new vacation home, but their northern home as well.  Many travelers leave their homes in the north for months at a time during the winter months.  Anticipating any future problems will help protect your property.  Plan for the unexpected by giving a trusted neighbor a house key or hire a property manager to look after your home while you are away.  Lower your thermostat to 50 degrees and make sure your heat is on.  Turning your thermostat completely off may lead to frozen water pipes. Water expands as it freezes and will actually burst your water lines leading to extensive water damage. As long as you plan ahead your property will remain safe.




    A little planning and preparation will make moving to a vacation home a smooth transition.  Enjoy your trip.

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