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    **How to Write an Attractive Seasonal Rental Advertisement**

     Seasonal renters and travelers browse rental websites looking for the perfect rental.  Writing your property description in a clear and compelling manner will save time and grab the reader’s attention.  Most readers will first look at the headings and photos and then some interested renters will read the description.  A well written property description may give you an advantage over other rental listings.



    Always start your description with a sentence that summarizes your rentals features and amenities.  You only have seconds to keep a seasonal renter’s attention, so be sure you have the right headings, photos, and compelling property descriptions.  If they see some attractive feature in the first sentence they will likely continue reading.  This gives you an opportunity to provide answers for any frequently asked questions about your seasonal rental saving you time and money.  Websites often have this FAQ section because if these questions can be answered on the website then more focus can be placed on making the sale or in your case booking your rental.



    After you have written an attractive opening line describe your vacation rental’s bedrooms.  Be specific and add details like bed size, sheet thread count, walk in closets, and connected bathrooms.  Describe your rentals features and all of the amenities before you describe its proximity to local attractions.  Snowbirds are looking for great rentals in an area they are already familiar so emphasize features over location.  It is also a good idea to use a complete vacation rental checklist to be sure your guests have what they need.



    When describing location use active voice to get straight to the point.  For example, the seasonal rental is close to restaurants and offers ski in/ski out convenience.  To effectively use active voice versus passive just start with the subject then follow with the verb and keep the sentence short and to the point.  You will work faster and your reader will appreciate the clear seasonal rental property description.



    Avoid spelling and grammar errors.  If your property description is riddled with errors you may lose their trust.  Use a word processing program with spell check so you can save and proofread your work before pasting it into the description field.  Also avoid abbreviations that are not commonly known and excessive use of symbols.   



    Use numerals when describing your rental’s amenities.  For example instead of saying we have a fifty-one inch flat screen TV you should say we have a 51” flat screen TV.  This will draw attention to the feature and it will help to tighten your description.  Finally be sure to use the word you because it will speak directly to your prospects and help them visualize a stay in your seasonal rental property.  To learn which amenities receive the most searches read our article most popular seasonal rental amenities.


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